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Name HTML.mp3
Uploader Lord B
ON 2018/05/05 22:05:31 +0000
Genre Unknown
Duration 03:21
Size 33.81 MB
Type Audio
BitRate 128kpbs
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Total Play 73
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Description Full credit to Erick Towerz for the beat. Lyrics: I’ma get right into this Listen, people love my lyrics I’m accessible like a tabable website So very g I can get sprite This ps is in js cause I promise to bring it right back Front end like I flex on that DMB I see the space between Haters coalesce like an empty string Getting Ajax like the cereal No parallel cause I’m so serial Bro this may be my first cd But I’m back to root if you know what I mean Pledged a frat cause I’m a lambda guy So pro I can calculate on the fly Magic from 94 no TI Haters say I got too much sass True, excuse my French But my software got first place 0 to 1 I’m done first pass You stuck in the while uh maybe Should I count to infinity This rooster flew the coop Like I broke out of that loop While you scrape by on beautifulsoup No ID cause I am my own group Slaying point after point shoutout Proop Jason marshal the team like a troop Ergo chair so Lord B never stoop How you so impressed with your vertical When Lord B can touch they sky from the terminal Hashtag cause my comments proverbial Doctor my stash like it’s surgical I can take a nap about or nearby And crush that section like a deerfly Not sleeping so I don’t trundle Give me a package or a bundle I spin a ring out of yarn it’s absurd Like a storytelling bowerbird One time I had a friend ask me to go to 4h I was like bruh tell the horse I ride backward Cause all I care about is h4 you know what I’m saying? He just looked at me funny and walked away I wreak havoc on the secondary Commit so fast it’s legendary I never catch a pass unless I try No exceptions got it guy? Once I get it never learned to let go Because I’m just a variable pro And this is just a parable yo The lang works all you see The insane quirks Let it be Just don’t react CSS came first step back And you know I’m better than Ronaldo Cause I got the best header footer combo After that it gets a little messy I think I hear crickets Haters get a little testy But they know I’m the best Check my API I’m gonna need a rest Before I go I just wanna say Sorry I had to flex Didn’t mean to cause a row It’s just hard you know? Cause I just know my position Fixed at the top there’s no decision It’s just how I make a living You can scroll to the comments But lord B sticking
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